Navigating the Timeless Path: A Note on Our Camino de Santiago Resources

Dear fellow pilgrims,

Embarking on the Camino de Santiago is not just a journey through the picturesque landscapes of Spain and France. It’s a voyage through history, spirituality, and personal discovery. At My Camino Santiago, we’ve dedicated ourselves to guiding you along this ancient path, offering advice, insights, and essential information to support your pilgrimage. However, the Camino, like life itself, is ever-evolving, and so is the information surrounding it.

Our commitment to providing you with accurate and helpful resources is unwavering. Still, the dynamic nature of the Camino means that accommodations, routes, and local services can change. While we strive to keep our content as current as possible, the reality of time and transformation can lead to discrepancies.

The Role of Community in Our Journey Together

This is where the beauty of the Camino’s community spirit shines through. Pilgrims, past, present, and future, share a unique bond, an unspoken pact of mutual support and guidance. In this tradition, we invite you, our readers, and fellow travelers to be an active part of our resource’s evolution.

If during your journey you come across any information on our site that seems outdated or inaccurate—be it a change in the contact details for a hostel, a new route, or an adjustment in services offered—please take a moment to send us a note. Your firsthand experiences and updates are invaluable, helping us ensure that the advice we offer reflects the Camino’s current state.

How to Reach Out with Updates

Noticing something amiss? Have suggestions for new information? You can reach out directly to us via email at Whether it’s a minor correction or a significant update, your input is crucial in helping us maintain the reliability and usefulness of our resources. By sharing your insights, you’re contributing to the collective knowledge and well-being of the Camino community.

Our Promise to You

As the custodians of this digital gathering place for Camino enthusiasts, we pledge to review your contributions and make necessary updates diligently. Your shared experiences not only enrich our content but also ensure that future pilgrims receive the most accurate and helpful information possible.


The Camino de Santiago is more than a pilgrimage—it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of discovery, shared experience, and collective wisdom. At My Camino Santiago, we’re honored to be a part of your journey and are committed to keeping our resources as accurate and helpful as possible. Together, with your assistance, we can continue to support all who feel called to walk this ancient path.

Remember, every step you take on the Camino is a step shared by many. Let’s ensure that every future pilgrim can walk with confidence, supported by the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Wishing you all Buen Camino, filled with memorable encounters, breathtaking landscapes, and moments of reflection.