Brno to Mikulov – November 2018

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This 55km route on the Czech Camino de Santiago definitely needs to be split into two sections. Whilst the walk from Brno to Dolni Vestonice is relatively straightforward, the walk over the Palava hills – between Dolni Vestonice and Mikulov – is technically demanding and time-consuming. The 40km walk from Brno to Strachotin, took me 9.5 hours. But the remaining 15km took another 6.5 hours.

Strachotin is 1.5km before you reach Dolni Vestonice and it is here where you can eat and drink for decent prices. For food and drink, I recommend the (disturbingly-named) ISIS restaurant. And for accommodation, I have stayed at Vinarsky dum Palava twice now and both times were very comfortable and with a friendly manager who provides an excellent breakfast (700 CZK per night, including breakfast.) 700 CZK might sound like a lot for a pension, but this is a very popular tourist destination and prices tend to be higher across the board.

I haven’t yet found a restaurant in Mikulov so if anyone has any tips then pls feel free to let me know.

And lastly, information about the signposting:

The walk starts at Saint James’ Church (in the centre of Brno) and finishes in the centre of Mikulov. After walking out of Brno centre and along Krenova street, you join the cycle path and begin heading south. Just before the Olympia shopping centre, you join the red walking route and you follow this all the way until the first sign of civilisation after Palava. Then, you follow the yellow arrows up to the Chapel of Saint Sebastian, and then down into Mikulov.

It is a wonderful walk. Buen camino! 🙂

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