Consigna Oficial in Santiago de Compostela (pilgrim point)

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Located in Santiago de Compostela’s old town at 15 Rua do Vilar is the highly convenient and resourceful Consigna Oficial:

Consigna oficial Santiago de Compostela

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Open 9am to 9pm and 7 days a week in the summer it is steps from where pilgrims collect their compostela, but whenever I have been here it is rarely busy and I just wonder how many pilgrims realise just how useful this place can be.

For me their free wifi internet is gold and last year when I had my iPad stolen along the way, the 15 minutes of free usage of one of two available iPads was critical in being able to arrange and organise myself before heading onwards towards Finisterre:

ipads and free internet in Santiago

If it isn’t busy btw then nobody enforces the 15 minute maximum time rule.

Other services are charged, but for a very reasonable fee:

Left luggage
Rucksack: 2 Euros per 24 hours
Walking stick: 1 Euro per 24 hours
Bike: 3 Euros per 24 hours

Laundry (5 Euros per kg)
Ironing (3 Euros per kg)

Here you can also pay 1 Euro for a plastic cover for your compostela, if you want it to be protected for the journey home.

Flight boarding passes can also be printed for a 2 Euro fee.

The Consigna Oficial also has a pilgrim message board on one of its walls:

Pilgrim message board Santiago

If you have any questions about the Consigna Oficial pilgrim point in Santiago de Compostela or if you wish to add information, then please feel free to leave a comment or question in the Reply box below.

Neville David Thomas


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