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Yesterday I made my way to the main square and began playing my guitar to the very few people who were out on the late afternoon streets. I liked the spot though where I chose to set up shop:


I only earned about 4 Euro, but it was enough to buy a sandwich and also have enough later in the evening to pay for my beer when I planned to meet up with Guzman from earlier in the day.

Cee has such a warm, relaxed atmosphere and the main square fit in well with this general vibe:


Cee also has a small beach:


Prior to busking in the main square I went down to the beach and sprinkled some sea water over my head; a baptism of sorts.
My well-worn boots in the sand:


It was then time to meet up with Guzman for that promised beer.
When I arrived I also met Carlos, who can be found every day up on the surrounding hills touting the albergue (Albergue A Casa Da Fonte) to arriving pilgrims. It was Carlos whom last year said I should go to the albergue and speak with Guzman when he discovered that I had had my rucksack stolen and was traveling on zero. It was great to meet up with Guzman and Carlos again:


We visited a bar of their friends and I was invited to a few beers, while we laughed about the events of the previous year and also while Guzman and Carlos gave me valuable tips about beaches close to Finisterre; one of these being the Hippie Beach which it’s recommended to sleep at if staying overnight.

They let me know that at Finisterre the tide is very strong and every year some pilgrims drown after being swept out to sea when they go visit the cave below the lighthouse; you can see their photos at Santiago cathedral.

They also explained that it is Finisterre in Spanish and Fisterra in Galician.

When it was time to leave the bar, Guzman invited me to sleep at the albergue and I gladly accepted; enjoying a lovely, comfortable sleep.

This morning I’ll need to head out onto the streets again to play for my breakfast (hungry) and then I’m walking the remaining kilometres of my Camino to the tip of Cape Finisterre. This will be my final day of walking before I reach the end of the world.

Neville David Thomas

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  1. Wow Nev, what an amazing adventure. I was keen to get home after just four weeks. I am amazed that your boots have seen you through such an epic journey – I seem to wear mine out in no time. Wishing you a fabulous final day and an amazing sunset at the lighthouse.

    • Thank you so much Maggie!
      My boots are just about to drop, as I am too.
      The weather made a dramatic turn for the worse, so no sunset I’m afraid.
      Will update shortly on my day yesterday and thank you so much again for your warm wishes.
      Nev 🙂

  2. Well done, Brother Nev!
    Not long until I can celebrate with you in Prague!

  3. Pilgrim nev,where was the night on the beach,i was looking forward to?
    I am happy to hear,what you were expecting…being on your own on the end of you great pilggim-time!.

    Intuition told me it has to be like that….
    I only got to know you for a very short time-you have all my respect and more!It needs a true desaster or a strong willing to leave everything behind…

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