Negreira to Olveiroa

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The walking from Negreira to Olveiroa isn’t as tough as the walk from Santiago to Negreira, but it’s still more of a hike than a walk in the park. I left Negreira yesterday morning quite late – around 11am – and planned to arrive to Olveiroa by the early evening.

I took a few photos as I stumbled along the way:







There are quite a few sleeping options on this stretch of the Camino Finisterre/Fisterra.
In the village of Vilaserio, there is an albergue Municipal which I gather is free of charge:



Also, at Ponte Olveiroa there is a donativo albergue:


In this region there are a lot of much older horreos (granary) and also the older women all seem to wear the same straw hats:



Yesterday I met up with Alex again along the way and we finally arrived to Olveiroa just after midnight. Alex wanted to book a room but the only option available – surprisingly at this time – was the Horreo Albergue. At 12 Euro a head I wouldn’t completely recommend it, but on the other hand it was clean and the showers were hot, etc.

Btw, one point I wanted to note in yesterday’s blog is that the locals have been MUCH friendlier and open since leaving the Camino Frances and walking from Santiago towards the sea; the power of contrast is dramatic.

According to the official stages, you should reach Finisterre from Santiago in 3 days; Santiago – Negreira / Negreira – Olveiroa / Olveiroa – Finisterre.

I could easily reach Finisterre by this evening, but I woke up this morning in a reflective mood and not wanting to complete my journey yet. Therefore I will probably walk only to Cee or Corcubion today and then onwards to Finisterre tomorrow:


This also means that I said my goodbyes to Alex this morning, knowing that it would most likely be the last time that we meet as she is heading directly to Finisterre today. I began my Camino on my own and I plan to finish it on my own also.

I’m looking forward to taking it a bit easy today, gradually becoming more and more involved in reflection of my journey events to date, and of course looking forward to viewing the sea for the first time.

I have 1 Euro left so I’ll need to play for my dinner when I reach a town with a higher population of people than animals.

I am only 35km away from the final destination of this walk; Finisterre/Fisterra.

Neville David Thomas

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  1. I envy you the walk I to Finisterre Nev, I hope the weather is fair for you. Enjoy you last days.

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