Santiago to Negreira

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It felt good leaving Santiago de Compostela yesterday.
Real good.

I followed the map which I picked up at the (very helpful) Tourist Information office, followed the cobbled streets to the main square, and then took a left onto the street which begins the Camino to Finisterre/Fisterra:


Just follow the yellow arrows:


And the incredibly accurate kilometres to Finisterre markers:


(as always, you can click on any photo to enlarge).

The walk begins off quite steep on the way to the first big town of Negreira – the only big town before Finisterre – but it’s compensated by the natural beauty surrounding the way:




Be warned that water fountains are far and few between on this route so please enough bring water with you. I counted only one fuente along this (approx) 25km stretch.

In the afternoon I met up again with Alex along the way and we walked the last few kilometres into Negreira together. Alex went for a look around the town and I set up shop on the busiest street I could find in this sleepy town and began half-heartedly belting out my repertoire. I made 3 Euro and was about to head off further along the way when Alex showed up and with a warm smile invited me to sleep the night at the hotel. Our third night together. I gladly accepted and we had another wondeful time together.

There are quite a few sleeping options in Negreira.
We stayed at the Mezquita, which also has an albergue option if you are (unlike Alex) on a budget.
The albergue is named El Carmen.
The people who run the place are lovely and it feels like a family-run place.

It rained last night.
Rain is forecast for today too.

I managed to get through to my children this morning on Skype and very shortly I will continue along the way towards Finisterre.

Neville David Thomas

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  1. I had a lot of rain on the way to Finisterre. Hopefully the sun will come out for your last few days.

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