Melide to Arzua

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The walk yesterday was tough going because I was tired from my lack of sleep the previous night in Melide, but it was mostly a beautiful walk which kept my energy levels in place:


The morning walk also passed the village of Castaneda, and more specifically the bus stop where I had my rucksack taken last year from under my head and in the middle of the night as I slept:


It had happened so quickly; I felt my rucksack going from under my head, I saw a smallish guy run to a waiting car about 20 metres down the road, and then saw the smallish guy get into the car with everything I had taken with me on my Camino and within a minute I had lost my passport, iPad, etc., and was left to walk to Finisterre with my walking stick and the clothes I was wearing. Just before Santiago I had washed my (black) t-shirt and I had it wrapped over the end of my walking stick; like a black flag as I approached the home of the tomb of Saint James.

This year though I walked past Castaneda, rucksack and belongings intact, and proceeded on to the town of Arzua, where I decided that I should settle for the night and catch up on sleep.

When you walk into Arzua you have lots of sleeping options immediately available at hand along the concrete pathways, but I recommend walking on to the albergue Municipal which is located at number 6, Rua Cima do Lugar:


It appears btw that in Galicia streets are typically denoted as Rua and not as Calle.

The albergue reception and general albergue info:



There are 56 beds at this albergue, with some of those being bunk beds. I was fortunate enough to land a single bed:


As with a lot of albergues, when you check in at this one you are asked for your pilgrim passport, but also your country passport number. They then gave me a pillow and bed cover sheet and let me know which bed was mine. Also as is the case of all albergues, boots are required to be left in designated places only:


I had a warmish shower, handwashed some of my clothes (they have coin-operated washing machines too) and went to bed around 5pm once I had read another couple more chapters of Coelho.

Today – when I decide that it’s time to get out of bed and get moving; specifically when I’ve managed to secure a yellow earplug from my left ear – I aim to walk to within a few kilometres of Santiago so that I can then walk in tomorrow morning to attend an early morning mass and spend some quiet time in Santiago before the mass of pilgrims arrive during the day. For now though it’s another misty and slightly chilly morning in Galicia.

Neville David Thomas

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