Tardajos to Castrojeriz

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Yesterday was a walk.

In the morning I left Tardajos and began the walk further into the Meseta:


At times the desire for a cigarette was so strong, but I stayed strong and remained without.

The sun becomes strong in the afternoon and the walk into Hontanas was tough going. Still, Hontanas is a beautiful little village and a worthwhile place to stay if you don’t fancy walking on any further:


I stayed a while, had a coke and a pack of biscuits and practiced a bit of guitar.
It was about 4pm when I began the walk onwards and if I had known how hot and how difficult the walk would be then I would have remained in Hontanas:


About 8km onwards, just as I was about to drop, I came across this oasis:


It was a donativo refugio and I hobbled in, met up with some lovely pilgrims and equally lovely hospitalero, and stayed the night:




A lovely sleep and in the morning my feet and legs felt better.

Early morning I began the walk into Castrojeriz, a beautiful little town:



A wonderful pilgrim, traveling with his wife and daughter:


Today I walk further into the Meseta. The hot, arid Meseta.

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  1. You aren’t still carrying any cigarettes, are you?

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