The trip out of Burgos (blisters on my fingers)

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Yesterday’s walk into and then out of Burgos went smoothly.
Puffing on my cigarettes, like a toddler on a dummy, I walked through the city and with my guitar feeling a little like an accessory in my right hand; I hadn’t really played it properly yet and I almost felt like a musical imposter.

I found a secluded and quiet spot around the corner from the cathedral, carefully took my guitar from its case, and began playing with confidence. I didn’t expect any response because I was in a hidden spot, but a few people came round to see where the music was coming from and I was even twice offered money; money I politely refused because I was playing only for fun and to get to know the guitar. It was a good sign and ironically as a pilgrim I have no blisters on my toes, but I do now on my fingers 🙂

Yesterday was also a special day because I met up again with Jean-Francoise:


The cathedral at Burgos is quite impressive:

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral Camino Santiago

In the early evening I walked out of Burgos and arrived to the village of Tardajos, savouring a wonderful deep sleep on the stone floor of the church entrance:


This morning I continue on deeper into the Meseta and under the increasing heat of the sun. A full moon will arrive shortly and perhaps I’ll take a night walk. For now though my mind is focussed on the present.

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