The Meseta (The Present)

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‘Before he went out into the world, Christ went into the desert to talk with his personal devil,’ Petrus began. ‘He learned that he needed to know about people, but he did not let the devil dictate the rules of the game; that is how he won. – Paulo Coelho [The Pilgrimage].

As I approach Burgos I am completing the first part of the Camino Frances/The French Way, and I consider the first part of my Camino since Prague as being the Past. It was a time for reflection and a time of bitter/sweet reminiscence.

From Burgos to Leon I will walk the “Spanish desert”. The open, flat plain; stretching as far as the eye can bear.

With any transition there must be change and this morning as I walked through the more human section of the Burgos industrial zone, I spent 160 of my last 200 Euros on a guitar:

Fender Guitar on the Camino de Santiago

From very soon onwards I will play for my morning coffee, my morning bread, my lunchtime snack, my dinner. My toothpaste. My suntan lotion. My soul.

2 years ago when my family split I began smoking and another transition which will begin as soon as I set foot in the Meseta will be the immediate stop and withdrawal of man’s most addictive drug.

We all rise like a phoenix in our own special way and it is time to spread my wings and enter the present; enter a new adventure along this beautiful Camino.
It’s time as a mortal man to face my own demons and on my own terms.

Any support which I can receive will be awesome so please do feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you so much!

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  1. Wow, Nev, I hope your good luck continues. That is a very brave / scary thing to do. Singing for your breakfast, lunch and dinner – I hope your voice lasts the course and you don’t break any guitar strings. Sincerely, I wish you good fortune and buen camino, Maggie

    • Thanks Maggie! 🙂
      Yesterday I played for a while in a quiet spot around the corner from the cathedral and a few people came to hear the music and offered me money (which I didn’t take; only when I need it). Looks like it will be good 🙂 Thank you so much for your well wishes! Nev 🙂

  2. I wish you well on your new adventure! I stopped smoking many years ago – do it now while you have the occasion. I like the phoenix analogy, and give no quarter to demons. I am looking forward to doing the famous meseta in the fall.

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