Double Dutch in Navarrete

Clicking on this link will bring you good karma:

Yesterday (late) morning when I finally left Logrono – the capital of Rioja – I had no idea that I would later in the day be pinned to the wall by the buxom upper regions belonging to two beautiful and extremely flirtatious Dutch women.

However as I write this it is still before the events of Navarrete, and the walk out of Logrono was smooth walking. Before I left I stopped by at the indoor food market on Calle Sagasta, where I bought bread, salad and pate:


For such an area rich in food diversity, the bread is pretty dire. It tastes industrial and if you don’t immediately eat it then it quickly becomes a useful weapon in a potential hand-to-hand combat scenario.

Predictably, the walk out of Logrono takes the pilgrim through wine-inspired landscapes:


In the late afternoon I reached the town of Navarrete and as I walked through the historical centre I noticed a familiar bar, where I also made a stop last summer and at around the same time of the day:


I entered, saw an instrument leaning against the wall, and took the opportunity to play out some amateur blues on the thick-necked acoustic guitar.

“We love a man who plays guitar!”.

I looked over and saw two blonde women – obviously after one too many wines – smiling and beckoning me to join them. Of course I went over, introduced myself, and sat down on the vacant bar stool.

“Where did you start walking today?”
[laughing ensued fron the two women who it turned out were from the Netherlands].
“And we thought we were slow!”

It’s true that yesterday I hadn’t covered much distance 🙂

What followed was a couple of hours of ego pampering, and touching. Lots of touching.

Of course, it turned out they were married and whatever seems too good to be true inevitably turns out to be just that. Still though, a lovely kiss upon departure – quite a bit of intimacy and attention from two beauties – and I left that bar feeling almost like a new man.

I decided to crash in Navarrete and slept outside on the street.
My sleep was only interrupted by a police car patrol – asking why I was stretched out on the pavement – a very friendly police car patrol with two policemen who laughed and wished me a Buen Camino!

This morning I have made it to Najera, where I intend to take a siesta before walking on.

Yesterday was wet and cold, but today is sunny and warmish.
The walk into Najera was relatively beautiful:



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  1. Your good luck continues…..
    My camino Portuguese was a great experience. Very different from the Frances. From Lisbon to Porto, very few pilgrims and I didn’t encounter a single other Brit! Accommodation is very different, some good, some dire, no municipal albergues until after Porto, and the Xunta albergues in Galicia are beautiful but without an ounce of welcome. In the last day into Santiago I shared the camino with soldiers on manoeuvres – complete with rifles – very surreal!
    Keep up the good work, only a few more weeks to go. You must be missing your family like mad. I am quite a tactile person and by the end of my camino I was really missing personal contact, hugs from my partner and friends, but most of all petting my animals. But it sounds as though you had sufficient hands-on experience last night to see you through!

    • Hi Maggie. Yes missing my children terribly, but am focussed enough now to complete the walk and to then return and (I hope) begin a new life. I’m going to check out your blog for photos of the Camino Portuguese. Sounds wonderful! Wishing you a lovely evening! Nev 🙂

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