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I slept well in the albergue at Zubiri, but I still felt ill; sweating throughout the night and waking up early, feeling that I could do with another night’s sleep. In France the pilgrims generally set off around 8am, but in Spain a typical start to the day is between 6-7am. It takes some getting used to.

The walk out of Zubiri was pretty uneventful:



One piece of street art though caught my eye and seemed to add some depth and grace to this morning’s walk:


As this is the Spanish Basque region all signs are listed in Spanish and Spanish Basque:


In Spanish Basque the name for Pamplona is Iruna:


The first real taste of Pamplona, as you reach the city limits:


The Camino signs have been excellent along the way so far:


You enter the historical section of the city through the city ramparts:


The first thing which I did was go visit the cathedral – it turns out there is a charge to enter so I objectively remained outside of the cathedral – and got my Pamplona cathedral stamp in my pilgrim passport. The cathedral is so so:

Pamplona Cathedral

Pamplona is after all a running of the bulls city:


Today in Pamplona there is a festival and I imagine it is farming related:


I skyped with my children and then decided to splurge on a spot of lunch. The glass of wine, sausage sandwich and Spanish omelette went down great:



Still ill and feeling weak, I am going to adventure onto the chilly Pamplona cobbled streets and decide where I am going to rest up today. Today I also have to make an important decision which will affect the remainder of my Camino walk in Spain.

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  1. Im so happy to follow your Camino. The first part, up to SJPP, I heard if, read about, at least the part from Le Puy (that I have a wish to walk). From SJPP
    I have walked and memories come to mind. Thank you for giving me the op to follow you on this Camino. Greatful am I. Buen Camino Nev

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