Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles (arrival to Spain)

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This morning I woke up early and after a brief breakfast I left the Refugio and began the walk which would take me up over the Pyrenees and into Spain. The almost 1,200km climb up into the Pyrenees:


I took the following photos on the “Napoleon” walk over the Pyrenees and into Spain:









The walk up and over is very tough.
At least it was for me and for the other pilgrims on the way whom voiced exhaustion at this stage.
My advice is to leave early in the morning as I did (I left by 7am).
If for any reason the way up is closed and if you are advised to take the road route, then take the road route. Pilgrims do perish on the top and the last unfortunate pilgrim who did apparently fell into a ravine a few months back. The peak (Lepoeder) is 1,429m above sea level:


I also recommend that you take food and water with you. There is the possibility to buy something about halfway up, from a man with a van, but unless you find pleasure paying 1 Euro for a banana then it probably isn’t worth the stop:


The first village which you reach on the Spanish side of the border is Roncesvalles, and I decided to stay the night here in the albergue and rest up. For 10 Euro it is very good value, but the internet is very slow. I’ll update on the albergue tomorrow when I have a more reliable @ source.

It feels good to again be in an affordable country where my remaining Euros will last longer I hope.

Neville David Thomas

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  1. Hi Nev,
    I’m happy that you reach Roncesvalles ! The toughest ascent is now behind you ! From now is starting “El Camino Frances”.
    ¡Que tengas una muy buen camino !
    Ultreïa !

  2. Au revoir France, Hola Espagna! Buen Camino.

  3. I have only recently started following your camino and have just spent a whole day reading your blogs starting in Prague. You have now reached SJPP which is where I will start my camino whenever, if ever, I do and am really looking forward to your days ahead. I am completely enthralled with your writing and feel as though I have just walked the past 9 weeks from Prague with you. Can’t wait for each episode each day! Buen Camino

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