Eauze – Nogaro – Aire sur l’Adour

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The walk out of Eauze continues along this land region of gently rolling plains and within a short while you feel as though you are definitely in wine country:


You then get a peek of the Pyrenees which were a most welcomed sight:


About 5km walk out of Eauze there is a friendly little Donativo cafe and it was here that I bumped into Bruno again, who is a lovely pilgrim from the north of Italy:

Italian Pilgrim Bruno

Each time I meet an Italian I always attempt to try and speak a few words/sentences in Italian, but soon remember that (thank you Gera) my Italian vocab is extremely limited to a few strong cuss words and some other phrases which would raise the eye of even the most liberal Italian 🙂

I also saw for the first time another Bruno; the Swiss one who is traveling with his donkey (post photo). His donkey (Victor) took a liking to me, and I also took a liking to Victor. I personally wouldn’t have the patience to travel all the way with a donkey, but I can now understand better why people are drawn to these wonderfully smart animals.

Yesterday though was mostly a day for food.
For affordable, but tasty food.

I gorged on (French) Pate Basque:


The bread was also wonderful:


In the morning I bought a bit of Camembert, and made sure to leave it out in the sun for about 30 minutes and then in my rucksack until I arrived to Nogaro, so that it would slowly be resuscitated back to life from its refrigerated status:


Gateau Basque:

Gateau Basque

Lots of French Basque products on sale in this southwestern region of France.

In the afternoon I strolled into the town of Nogaro, in the heat of the day:


The wind had begun to stir up strongly – I was hit by a falling branch, but only sustained a minor cut on my hand – and it looked as though there might be another storm. Luckily the storm never came and instead I enjoyed a few hours wandering around the streets of Nogaro; a vibrant town with a young population.

In the evening I walked on, passed Bruno sleeping in his tent while Victor munched on grass in a field, and dropped at about 10pm when I found a dry mud field to set up my sleeping bag and hope to gain a good night’s (long) sleep:


In hindsight it was a silly move as there was a good chance of rain overnight and I had neither any cover from the rain nor any protection from what would have been the subsequent mud bath where I had my sleeping bag on the ground. It didn’t rain, I had a lovely sleep, but all today it has rained and the walking so far today has been very demanding. Only now is the sun showing itself as I sit here in the very helpful Tourist Information office in Aire sur l’Adour.

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