Moissac: it’s a bit like Le Puy and Conques, but without all the stuff.

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Yesterday’s lunch and dinner came in the form of a gift from the priest at Lauzerte: bread, ham and oranges. It was a welcomed donation and refilled my tank for the continued day’s walk ahead.

The walk from Lauzerte yesterday passed through a major cereal and fruit growing area, with beautiful countryside architecture along the way:



It was another beautiful sunny day; the paradise only interrupted by the sudden onset of hay fever which I and some other pilgrims heavily felt, due to the high pollen content in the air and the waft of freshly cut grass ever present.

In the evening before sunset – which now btw sets at around 10pm – I found a little church and decided to sleep for the night on the stone floor:


It was a lovely sleep and only interrupted in the morning when the coldest hour came at around 4am.

I began the short walk into the pilgrim town of Moissac and on the way I picked up some breakfast from Mother Nature:


I must admit that I’m not so impressed with Moissac. It’s billed as one of the most important pilgrim towns on the way to Santiago, but pales heavily in comparison to Le Puy and Conques for example. I was hard-pressed to find any spot which would reap a good photo of the town and eventually settled on taking a photo of the cathedral and the Saturday morning market:



It is around 10:30am and I am hungry, so I will now head off and go hunting for some food. I’m having some funds sent over early in the week, so I am looking forward to again being able to walk without the distraction of hunger and the distraction of having to hunt for my food 🙂

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