Cahors to Lauzerte

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The walk out of Cahors takes you over the beautiful Pont Valentre, before the climb upwards into the hills:


After Cahors the ups and downs of the hills are less demanding and the walk routes pleasantly along chalk and sand pathways, with forest and scrub making up the majority of the passing landscape. It is a pleasure to walk this section of the Camino as you occasionally pass through stone-inspired villages and this one, which is the first big village out of Cahors, has two Gites:


I only briefly saw the Gite by the church and it looked good.
I decided to walk on in the blue sky heat of the day, and soon passed this sign for a (Donativo) monastery:


Btw, here in this region they have a unique version of the scarecrow:

French scarecrow

It was still quite early so I didn’t veer off the path to sleep there for the night, and I continued along the path and arrived at the beautiful village of Montcuq in the early evening. I went to the church and rested for a while, watching people go by. This chap seemed to represent the feel of this beautiful village:

Baguette and wine

Here I also bumped into Montcuq’s answer to Rasputin and we spent about an hour together chatting and then we said our goodbyes and Rasputin (Bern) showed me the way ahead on the path:


I walked on into the early night until my legs gave in:


I slept in a field and woke at first light to continue walking to the gorgeous village of Lauzerte:


It is another sunny day and the walk ahead should be a pleasure; mostly flat and passing through these wonderful hilltop villages.

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