Cajarc to Cahors

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Yesterday morning I walked out of Cajarc in the unsettled weather, but luckily there were only a few downpours and it was mostly a clear and sunny day. The walk from Cajarc is mostly only slightly hilly and passes through your typical French cottage landscape:


When the few downpours did arrive it seemed everyone was prepared for them:


On the way there is this little seating area, which is a good little spot to take a rest:


It was here that I met up again with Michael, the lovely pilgrim from Belgium whom I first had the pleasure of meeting at the Donativo Gite in St. Roch:


The way from Cajarc passes through mainly woodland:


Towns passed on the way include Limoges and Bach, and it was in Limoges that I visited the priest’s house and was given a bag of food for the way. I thanked the priest and continued along the path which weaved through the beautiful countryside:



A few kilometres after the village of Bach I came across this pilgrim statue and these two loveable donkeys:


Yesterday afternoon my legs took over and I felt so much energy just to keep walking. I walked into the early and then late evening as the sun began to set and the moon began to rise:



About 14km from Cahors I stopped into a farm and asked for water and whether I could sleep somewhere with some shelter in case the rain came again. The owner very nicely let me sleep in his barn and I had such a comfy sleep in the hay:


In the morning I woke up just after first light and made my way along the path towards Cahors. This is the first view of the town as you approach:


This morning has been a morning of a little disaster.
I decided to try and get some money wired to myself and I managed to find a way using Western Union and my debit card. The money was deducted from my account, but unknown to me you cannot send money to yourself through Western Union and they were unable to process the transaction and plus my bank then put a block on my card; meaning I am now still without funds. Therefore, for the next week I will be forced to continue walking along the Camino without funds. I wanted to send funds to myself because having no money is so tough and I only wanted to prove a point that if you should find yourself on the Camino with (for any reason) no funds that you can still continue on your way. I must now continue this path for the immediate future. When I do then receive funds, I will generously give back to the Camino.
I am a seasoned traveler and I need to lose a bit of weight, so it might actually be a blessing in disguise 🙂

On a brighter note, the weather has cleared up and Cahors is a gorgeous town.

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