Siesta in Aumont-Aubrac (revisited) and a comfy night’s sleep in Cajarc

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Going through my photos and videos I rediscovered this video which I took when Anja and I had our last siesta together in the town of Aumont-Aubrac. Anja is singing her beautiful version of “Only You” by the Flying Pickets, on her ukulele, while French flags wave timelessly in the midday quiet of the square:

Yesterday evening I decided to stay on in the beautiful little town of Cajarc.
As with Conques, I took photos of Cajarc but none of them really gave any credit to the beauty of the town and the only photo which came close was this one of the church tower:


It was then time to find a place to sleep and I decided on a spot on the floor of a museum entrance (post photo). I had a wonderful sleep on that stone floor and woke per usual to the first light of day, announced through the gradual bird chorus which sufficiently takes the place of a cockerel’s crowing.

This pilgrim (Jean-Francois, a lovely pilgrim whom I have met on and off on the way since Conques) arrived to Cajarc too late yesterday to grab a place in a Gite and spent the night sleeping outside in just his coat:


Respect! 🙂

Well, it is raining heavily this morning so it is probably going to be a day of slurping, muddy pathways and slurping, wet and muddy boots. In the past few minutes the sky has showed signs of clearing so perhaps it won’t be the disaster of a day which seemed guaranteed a few minutes ago. Well as I’m now getting ready to set off the heavens have opened up again, so it is time to put on my rucksack rain cover and brave the day 🙂

I think it is Tuesday today, but it really could be any day of the week.

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