Nasbinals to Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac

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In Nasbinals I spent my last remaining Euros on a spot of semi-luxury lunch, with products from the region:


Campagne bread and pate

Coffee eclair

From now until St. Jean Pied de Port (or perhaps slightly before) I will be in survival mode and living on the hospitality of random people which I meet on my way. I need the fast and I know that it will increase my walking pace and distance covered each day.

I ate my lunch on the steps of the beautiful church:

Nasbinals church

I also had a chat with some pilgrims whom I met the previous night at the Gite and who were about to head back home as they were just walking the Camino for 4 days:

Camino pilgrims

The path from Nasbinals to Aubrac climbs a few hundred metres, into countryside which reminded me of the north of England and Scotland:



At the top you reach the beautiful little village of Aubrac:


From May 15th the Gite in the village will be open and this is housed in La Tour des Anglais.

The walk downwards from Aubrac to Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac is steep in places. You also need to be careful of the stones which litter the path:

Walk from Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac

Some pilgrims do unfortunately die on the Camino and Rest In Peace this pilgrim:

Pilgrim death on Camino

I reached Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac about an hour ago and met up by accident with a couple of lovely pilgrims whom Anja and I met in Saint-Privat-d’Allier:


This evening I will sleep here in the village: probably at the church. In the morning I will scramble up some breakfast from somewhere and then continue along my journey.

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  1. Hi Nev,
    It has been a real pleasure to share a bier with you in Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac !
    I have to stop in Conques, but will continue following you until you reach Fistera !
    I wish you to journey in peace and confidence.
    Ultreïa !

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