Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals

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Yesterday morning as I was walking out of the Tourist information office at Aumont-Aubrac, I bumped into Anja again and we spent a few hour’s siesta together. Other pilgrims whom I met on the way also chose the cafe outside seating area as a place for temporary rest:

Camino pilgrims

St. Jacques pilgrim

I said my goodbyes to Anja and headed onwards towards the town of Nasbinals, but early evening I grew tired as I walked the rocky path and at an intersection in the path I chose a nearby building to see if I could sleep in my sleeping bag under some cover. Without realising it I had stumbled upon the Gite Les Gentianes:

Les Gentianes

The woman who welcomed me at the door said it was no problem to come inside and sleep and within half an hour I had a comfortable space on a mattress on the floor and I was slowly falling into a deep and long sleep. My space:

Camino sleeping

I shared the room with Nicole: a woman from Germany and it was a surprise for both of us that we found ourselves in the same room because it was earlier in the day when we had briefly met as she was walking in the wrong direction on the path.

I also met a lovely couple of pilgrims whom I seem to meet everyday:

Pilgrim Ringo Star

The Gite usually costs around 15 Euro and I can definitely recommend the atmosphere of this Gite. In the morning I spent some time in the kitchen, chatting to Nicole and drinking coffee. The kitchen is a good example of the coziness of this place:


The Camino scallop shell kitsch is rife in these parts and this ashtray is a fine example of what not to use the scallop shell for:

Scallop shell ashtray

The walk this morning to Nasbinals has been beautiful, but shrouded in a light mist:


Granite rock formations scatter the countryside:

France granite rocks

I don’t have a guide for this section of the walk so I really have no idea how the landscape and altitude will evolve ahead of me. I like surprises 🙂

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  1. Will be there in about a month. Can’t wait.

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