La Cabourne

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I didn’t get far yesterday.
After my beautiful meal at the restaurant in Saint-Privat-d’Allier, I went looking for a shop to buy supplies for today (Sunday) and I met up again with my lovely pilgrim friend Anja:

Pilgrim Ana

I joined her at the cafe table where she was sitting and we chatted for hours; until the early evening. Anja has some tarot-type cards with her; I picked one and the result was:


I will stop biting my nails. Promise 🙂

As we chatted away the day began to draw to a close and it suddenly grew extremely cold. The altitude here is above 1,000 metres and you feel it when night comes. We got up and began looking for a place to sleep and what ensued was a comical hour of searching out potential sleeping places in the village and grading them as Plan A to Z; as an example, the option of sleeping in the space under a parked car I think was Plan X 🙂

Our search took us to Gite la Cabourne and at 13 Euro per person this Gite is good value for money.

The address is:

Gite la Cabourne
Le Bourg
43580 Saint Privat D’Allier
(+33) 04 – 71 – 57 – 25 – 50

The rooms are dormitory style, but with only 6 beds in a room, and my night’s sleep would have been a deep and long one had it not been punctuated throughout the night with the snores of one of the other pilgrims in the room. Whistling can sometimes distract the snorer in their sleep and interrupt their pattern of annoying breathing, but this time it proved futile.

This morning I will probably head off early and reluctantly on my own, because I need to make tracks fast and walk through and out of the mountains which the path is currently following on so that I can avoid the cold nights. Anja is walking at a slower pace because she has more time than me. Maybe I’ll see her again along the way, but I’ll probably travel much further in less time. I will miss the short time we spent together as fellow pilgrim friends, but life is never the same and the Camino is never the same path one day to the next.

Btw, one important piece of logistical advice regarding the walk from Le Puy is that pilgrims usually congregate on Le Puy on a Saturday and then begin their first day’s walk on Sunday; meaning that accommodation options are usually fully booked in Saint Privat D’Allier on Sunday evening. I would advice phoning ahead and maaking a reservation if wishing to stay in Saint Privat D’Allier on the Sunday.

The sun is out today and the walk continues through the Central Massif.

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