Lost in mist leads to night’s stay in 4 star hotel

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Yesterday I finally left the village of Les Setoux at around 2:30pm, braving the rain and cold, and made my way down along the path towards the town of Montfaucon. A Camino statue greets you as you leave the village:


The walk to Montfaucon should take no more than 3.5 hours.

I enjoyed the walk down, through the pastures and rural farmland:


I had noticed that since crossing into Loire that the Camino signs had not been as good as on other parts of the Geneva Way so far and combined with the mist, I found myself straying from the path. The distance to walk from Les Setoux to Montfaucon is around 16km and in the early evening and after a good few hours hard walking I stopped into a house to ask if I was close; the answer being that it was about another 12km to go. I now knew that I had strayed from the path and I began walking along the road in the direction of Montfaucon.

At 8:30pm I came to the village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid – which isn’t on the Camino path – and was about to walk onwards and find a spot to sleep outside when I saw a sign for a Gite and popped into the 4 star hotel, by the church, to ask if they knew where the Gite was. The lovely owner said I could stay in his hotel for the night as the Gite was closed and that I would be charged only the price which the Gite would have charged me (19 Euro). Was I hungry? Sure. The owner invited me into the restaurant and I found myself sitting down to a wonderfully cooked lamb dish which was complimentary:


My room had a wonderful bed, with balcony and ensuite bathroom. I washed my boots and clothes, put on the dressing gown and slippers, and got prepared for a dry and warm night’s sleep:


This morning I continue on my way, only I will walk directly to the town of Tence and miss out on Montfaucon; this will ensure that I balance out the extra kilometres and extra time spent walking yesterday. Btw, breakfast at the hotel was awesome. It’s again a misty day but I woke up dry and warm so I hope to cover more distance today than I did yesterday.

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  1. The Camino provides once more. The path you took was obviously the right one.

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