Walking into the French region Isere

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From St-Genix-sur-Guiers the way leaves the route of the Rhone river and instead enters the farmlands of the region Isere. The walking isn’t as demanding and is mostly on the flat. The architecture has now changed again:



The next place with a patisserie turned out only to be 9km away in the town Les Abrets, where I got a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport:


The stamp has the statue of liberty on because there is a fountain in the main square in the form of the statue of liberty.

At the (very helpful) Tourist Information office in Les Abrets I learned of a Gite about 3km away – on the Camino path – and decided to spend the night there as it had been a tough morning’s walk. In France each Tourist Information office also has a list of names of local people who put pilgrims up for a donation fee but my luck was out as all 5 of the numbers called were unavailable at the time when the woman at the Tourist Information office phoned. I began the walk to the town of Charancieu where I found the Gite – it’s 300 metres off the Camino path only – and I was immediately welcomed in and made to feel at home. The price for the night is 15 Euro and comes with breakfast and a very comfortable bed. Recommended! There was also another pilgrim present; an Austrian man whose name now I cannot remember I’m afraid, who is walking to Le Puy from Mikulov in the Czech Republic (like everyone, I’m terrible at remembering names). Alain and his wife Florentine are amazing hosts:


The view from my very comfy bed:


In France in the mornings coffee is often served in bowls and is not as strong as coffee served at other times in the day:


I also received a stamp in my passport from Alain and Florentine:


Feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep, clothes washed and dry, electronics powered up to maximum. Ultreia!

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