The (extremely) difficult walk to St-Genix-sur-Guiers

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Yesterday I left the pretty market town of Yenne in the late afternoon, with the intention of reaching the next town or village by late evening where I could then crash for the night in relative comfort. The walk out of Yenne is extremely demanding as you climb around 600 metres in altitude and over Mont Tournier; plus the path is rocky and yesterday reached 29 degrees celsius.

The view though of the Rhone river was beautiful:



The sun was beginning to go down and I was beginning to look for possible places to sleep when I finally came across a building, attached to a farm. There was a tap here; the first one since leaving Yenne and I filled up my water bottle and gulped down some water. No-one seemed to be around and after playing a bit of table football with myself – there was a table just sitting there and begging to be played – I set up my sleeping bag for the night:


The owner drove up to the building about an hour later but seeing I was a pilgrim he said it was ok to remain on his property. On the hard, cold floor I drifted in and out of a night’s deep sleep until first light when I packed up and headed onwards.

Since leaving Yenne yesterday there has been absolutely nowhere to get any food until St-Genix-sur-Guiers, where I am now tucking into bread, cheese and water. Also, the walk continued to be extremely demanding from the place where I began my walk this morning up until about 30 minutes ago when the route levelled out. The amount of times I cursed as the path went upwards, downwards, upwards, etc. Also, the route signs don’t account for more time spent on strenuous terrain and the kilometres are still worked out at the same rate as if you are walking on the flat; this can become counter-productive as you feel exhausted by the climbs and descents but according to the signs you are walking slower than the standard time required to walk the distance.

St-Genix-sur-Guiers is a decent-looking town/village:



I popped into the Brasserie by the church for a Creme Brulee fix and after I have eaten the contents and licked the dish, I’m heading off again to begin my afternoon walking:


I imagine I’ll find the next element of civilisation – somewhere with a patisserie – either by this evening or the morning if the route so far is anything to go by 🙂

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