The walk ahead

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As a recap:
“El Camino de Santiago” translates into English as The Way of Saint James, and in French it is: Le Chemin de St.Jacques. This is the general term for any pilgrimage walk which has the northern Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela as the final destination. There are many ways to reach Santiago de Compostela and the more known/popular routes have their own additional title. Since leaving Geneva I have begun walking on the Geneva Camino/Geneva Way (in latin: Via Gebennensis). The Geneva Way runs from Geneva to Le Puy en Velay. The distance is approx 350km, following the French GR 65 walking route. From Le Puy (en Velay) I will then join The Le Puy Way (Chemin du Puy in French or Via Podiensis in Latin) and this way will take me to the French town of St.Jean Pied de Port, where it will then join up with the Camino Frances/The French Way to lead me to Santiago de Compostela.

The following map, which I photographed on the way, outlines the direction and places of interest on the way from Geneva to Le Puy. The photo can be enlarged by clicking on it and again magnified with a second click:

So now I am on the Geneva Way which runs from Geneva to Le Puy en Velay (in latin: Via Gebennensis). The distance is approx 350km and it is meant to be a beautiful walk, following the French GR 65 walking route.

I enjoyed a deep sleep last night at the Gite in Chanaz and I’m now drinking my first coffee of the day while I wait for my clothes to finish drying. In about an hour I’ll pack my things, go get a couple of baguettes, and then continue walking. If the clear morning skies are any indication then the day ahead should be sunny.

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