Feels like pilgrim spirit

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This morning I eventually left the comfort of the Gite where I slept last night and where I was able to power up all of my electronics, wash my clothes, and grab a deep night’s sleep. In the morning I took a photo of the beautiful village (Chanaz) as I walked down to grab some food for breakfast and for the days walk ahead:


I bought a couple of baguettes at the village Patisserie/Boulangerie – one I ate immediately and one I strapped onto my rucksack for the journey ahead:


I also decided to buy a bottle of local wine (some days you need a scooby snack on the Camino) and local cheese for my eventual day’s siesta ahead.

The walk out of Chanaz was tough, with an uphill climb of about 200 metres.
On the top though I was rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding area, including this honey hive:


And this beautiful view of the local vineyards with the “cat’s teeth” mountain in the distance:


I sat down to admire the view and for a moment I began to yearn companionship on my Camino. Up until now it has been pretty much me alone and I began daydreaming about, for example, sharing my wine and cheese with a fellow pilgrim friend. It was at this moment that the lovely Marion came walking around the turn in the vineyard – along the Camino path – in my direction, and after a friendly introduction she sat down and we began talking; swapping stories of the Camino and generally acting uber polite as 2 people do who have just met for the first time:


It was an honour to be Marion’s first pilgrim whom she had met on her journey and we at once hit it off together as only 2 pilgrims on their long road to Santiago can.

We walked and chatted for a few kilometres until a superb viewpoint, where Marion explained to me that the Rhone river splits in half at this point – only to meet up with itself a while down the route:


We walked on and enjoyed a lovely siesta together among the vines and in the heat of the sun. We shared the wine, bread and cheese together and I felt relaxed in the company of a fellow pilgrim on the way:


We were also joined for a brief moment by another pilgrim called Juan – whom I met briefly in the Gite in Charly: https://mycaminosantiago.com/2014/04/22/les-diots-au-vin-blanc-en-frangy/

Marion is walking from her house, close by Lyon, to Santiago de Compostela and has quite a bit of luggage with her. Marion, if you are reading this then I advise that you shed half of your luggage asap 🙂 I wish you a beautiful Buen Camino and if you could write me when you arrive then that would be wonderful to know you made it ok.

My custom is to enjoy a siesta of an hour or so and I reluctantly decided to stay put where I was while Marion continued on to meet friends in the town of Yenne (where I am now updating this post).

I learned a lot in my short time together today with Marion, as I did also when I met Michael in Bavaria:

The walk from my siesta point to Yenne was flat and a beautiful walk:


This evening I will continue my walk onwards towards Le Puy. Ultreia! 🙂

Today was special; meeting Marion and Juan and feeling again the community, understanding, sharing and magic of the Camino.

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  1. Good to hear about the community. Marion’s pack looks huge! How many days has she been walking?

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