Les Diots Au Vin Blanc en Frangy

Clicking on this link will bring you good karma:

The post photo was taken just before I crashed out for the night at a plush little chateaux which I found just before dusk yesterday. No matter how many times though I sleep on a stone surface, I can never truly get used to the experience. Still though, it was free and it had cover from the rain which came early in the morning.

I woke up, brushed my teeth, and began the walk towards the next biggest town on the map: Frangy.

On the way I stopped for a short break in the village of Charly and its important to note here that there is a donativo Gite (lodging) in this village:

Charly Gite

I popped into get some boiling water for my coffee and the handful of pilgrims there appeared very much not wanting to leave for their day’s walk 🙂

Btw, at this point I must apologise to Yves who offered to host me in Geneva: I walked too fast and arrived a day earlier than you had planned to return (not realising that Monday was also a national holiday in Switzerland). If I ever return to Geneva then I’d love to take up your offer of hosting me and I do wish that I had arrived a day later when you would have returned from your family visit at Rolle.

Lots of water fountains on the way here, as in Switzerland:


Experience has shown me not to take so seriously these distance to Santiago signs:


The walking has been mostly pleasant:



Be warned that if walking this route that from Geneva there is pretty much squat diddly in the way of food options so my advise would be to stock up on food in Geneva until you reach Frangy. Almost there:


I arrived to Frangy about an hour ago, feeling a bit tired and very hungry. I popped into an artisan Boulangerie for a quick bite to eat and the spinach with salmon quiche at 2 Euro was just right:


ok, so the next step was to find a place with @ and walking past the Auberge de Campagne on the town high street I was enticed in by the scent of food cooked in wine. Every pilgrim has their day and mine was going to be this lunchtime. I decided to splurge a little and eat a full meal.

I chose a pastis as my aperitif:


For my main meal I opted for the Les Diots Au Vin Blanc, together with a 50cl jug of local wine:


As a “desert” I opted for the plate of cheese from the local (Savoie) region:


Although I don’t smoke anymore I always smoke a pack of Gitanes when I am in France. Gitanes are the Cohiba of the cigarette world:


The meal is finished and all that’s left is to smoke a few more Gitanes, drink the rest of the wine, and then head off in the direction of Santiago de Compostela.

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