Bonjour la France!

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This morning I enjoyed a lovely breakfast with enjoyable conversation with Dominique and then headed off in the direction of the city of Geneva:


The walk in goes past the United Nations headquarters:

United Nations

In the park there is a wonderful statue of Mahatma Gandhi:

Mahatma Gandhi

Over the road from the headquarters there is also a pilgrim rest stop for those who have already attained enlightenment:

Geneva chair

The walk to the centre went smoothly and within an hour or so I was at the famous fountain:

Geneva fountain

Jean Jacques Rousseau (18th century Enlightenment philosopher) was born in Geneva:


One particular quote of his which I am fond of is:
“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”.

In Geneva I found the cathedral and got the stamp of the city in my Pilgrim Passport.
I then made my way out of the city.
On the way I stopped into a church to pick up some bread as I had no Swiss Francs left and the priest gave me some quiche. It was lovely.

The walk to the French border from the cathedral in Geneva takes about 2 hours and within as much time I was suddenly leaving Switzerland and entering France:

Goodbye Switzerland

Hello France

So now I am on the Geneva Way which runs from Geneva to Le Puy en Velay (in latin: Via Gebennensis). The distance is approx 350km and it is meant to be a beautiful walk, following the French GR 65 walking route. This part of the Camino is relatively new and the signs are so far excellent. Only once so far I took the wrong path and a few metres along the way I saw a sign telling me that I’d taken the wrong direction:

France Camino Sign

Switzerland was awesome, and I’m also looking forward to walking through France to reach the Spanish border because I have always loved French culture, its people, and of course the food! 🙂

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