Lausanne – Lake Geneva – wine region – a beautiful sleep

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Yesterday morning a very cold and tired Camino Nev followed the winding path into the Swiss city of Lausanne. The first indication that you are in Lausanne is the Tour de Sauvabelin, which is a watchtower on the city limits made of wood:

Tour de Sauvabelin

From here the Camino path takes you directly to Lausanne cathedral, with its stone statues looking as cold as I felt as they eye the front entrance:

Lausanne cathedral

It was still early so the cathedral was closed and I decided to head to the lake, to begin my walk along its shore. Lausanne is a beautiful city and the streets leading to the lake were worth a snapshot:

Lausanne streets on the Camino

Although I still felt cold, the view of the lake gave new wind to the walk – a much more positive outlook – and I spent a short while sat on the promenade, looking out over Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva Jakobsweg

The path along the lake is simply beautiful to walk:

Lake Geneva Camino

Genfersee Camino

After passing the town of Morges, the path takes a turn slightly up into the hills and into wine country:

Swiss wine

Towards the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the early evening, I reached the village of Perroy. I had felt tired all day, but now I was beginning to drop and all day I had promised myself to find somewhere warm and dry for the night’s sleep. First thing I did was to head to the village church to see if I could either catch hold of the priest, or try and wangle it so I slept inside the church and as I was walking to the main door of the church out stepped Hildagard. I asked her if she knew where the priest was and after a chat she took me to a restaurant and said she would contact the priest for me. The priest came but with the bad news that because it was Easter weekend he was going to be busy all evening. Not a problem I responded and was about to head off and look for my plan B, until Hildagard had a chat with the priest and they made a decision to put me up for the night in the restaurant hotel:

La Passade

Thank you so much.

Within half an hour I was sitting down to a terrific meal, also provided complimentary, and with the keys to a very comfortable hotel room upstairs.

It was no surprise to me that the meal was heavily French influenced.
The salad was very Lyonnaise-style and came with locally-produced rustic bread.
The main meal was roast beef: cooked to perfection and served with a side order of french fries.
This epic meal went down charmingly with the glass of locally-produced red wine from the region:

Swiss salad

Swiss roast beef

It may seem incredible to read these stories of random kindness from strangers, but when you are a pilgrim on your Camino people like to demonstrate acts of hospitality. I for one love to be on the receiving end of such random acts of kindness and hospitality and I am in awe at the depth of character of all the people I have met on my Camino so far who have, without my specific request, gone out of their way to make my Camino a more comfortable and ultimately enjoyable experience.

I slept a wonderfully warm and deep sleep:

Hotel La Passade

The view from my balcony:

A room with a view

This morning I’m going to try and get through to my children on Skype, to wish them a Happy Easter, and then its out on the path again towards the town of Rolle.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter Sunday.

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  1. These acts of kindness don’t seem all that random – you must have a plentiful supply of charm to go with the winning smile. Do you have an anticipate date for reaching Santiago?

    • Thank you Maggie 🙂
      When I began my walk I planned to reach Santiago by the middle of June, but that was when I thought the walk was just 2,500 km.
      I re-worked out the distance to be 3,109 km and I hope to be footing it into Santiago around late June/early July.
      The sooner the better, but at the same time there is no huge rush.
      Will you be updating your Camino on your blog as you go?

      • Yes, I shall be posting daily. I fly into Lisbon 30 April and shall set off on 1 or 2 May. I would be interested to know what technology you are carrying. Do you have an external charger with you? I have bought one, but it is a lot heavier than I anticipated.

        • That’s great to hear.
          I’ll definitely try to follow you as much as my @ time permits – I usually have about an hour a day for @ when I upload a post and work on my online business.
          Regarding technology, I’m carrying my MacBook Air and the standard charger which it originally came with. Mine is also quite heavy.
          I also have my camera, electronic cigarette, and i-phone (plus the chargers which go with these).
          If you have a Mac then you can disconnect a part of the charger and use another appliance with it. I discovered last week that I can hook my camera cable up to my Mac charger and charge directly from that and this cuts down some of the weight.
          I’ve found that having the computer with me is a definite luxury which I wouldn’t want to go without and the weight of the charger is unfortunately part and parcel.

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