A gorgeous day entwined with the Bern Camino circle

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The previous evening (Monday) I sat down again with Mark and Rosemary, to enjoy a wonderful asparagus puff pastry dish – together with another Burgdorfer beer:

Swiss Spargle

It was wonderful meeting Mark and Rosemary and plus the day of rest was needed. I woke up yesterday morning feeling refreshed and with only a slight tightness in my back legs and ankles. I said my goodbyes to Rosemary and left with Mark; he kindly walked me to the Camino starting point, through the centre of Burgdorf.

Before I left, Mark gave me a pack of chocolate and I am now addicted to Ovomaltine, which has half the calories as the other types of chocolate I have been buying and which contains more cocoa:


From Burgdorf the walk enters forest and some steep slopes. At times though the path pleasantly meanders:

Forest walk from Burgdorf

This part of the Camino is still set in Emmental country and there definitely isn’t a lack of cows in this region:

Emmental region of Switzerland

About an hour out of Burgdorf I came across this hut for walkers:


Inside the hut there was everything a stranded or passing-through walker might need: chocolate, hardboiled eggs, a butane mini cooker, tea, a stove for heating:

Klosterweg hut on Jakobsweg Switzerland

Oh, and a little bar of which I had a shot of schnapps from:

Swiss schnapps

I stopped for my lunchtime siesta and enjoyed the view of a tractor laying down manure as I got stuck into my bread and cheese:

Swiss manure on fields

The path then took me into the town of Gumligen and from here I unfortunately entered the Bern Camino circle; walking 5km out of my way and then needing to get back onto the correct Camono path, by walking the same 5km back and to then cross over the Aare river and head in the direction of Kehrsatz:

River Aare

From here the mountains begin to picture prominently again:

Swiss mountains

I reached the town of Kehrsatz late evening and decided to walk straight on to the village of Rueggisberg; from where I meet up again with the mainstream Camino path in Switzerland (which I left in Brunnen to take the alternate path which I am now walking). The walk from Kehrsatz to Rueggisberg involves an extended steep walk up and over a relatively medium-in-height mountain – which means a high mountain for most countries – and half way up I bumped into a guy with dreadlocks doing some wood carving and asked him whether it would be best to take the road or the path (the signs here have been a bit miss and go). He recommended I ask inside the (extremely posh-looking) house, and so I did.

My buzz on the door was met by Ferdinand:

Ferdinand Kehrsatz

Ferdinand invited me in and upon hearing I am a pilgrim he offered me some food.
We immediately got on like a house on fire and seemed to have a lot of things in common; apart from (annoyingly) him looking younger than his age and me looking older than my age 🙂 People (scarily) often assume I’m in my late forties/early fifties when I’m in fact 42. Anyway, moving on 🙂

The house used to be owned privately, but now it is used to house individuals who have experienced psychiatric “issues”. Such a wonderful place to recover in and I wish everyone here all the best for their future ahead. I would love to have spent some time here when I had my personal issues taking hold of me last year. It’s a gorgeous building, set in gorgeous surroundings, and it appears that the place is partly run by the individuals themselves as the night worker (Manual) is also a resident here.
Ferdinand agreed that I could sleep in the outhouse of the grounds and as I lay down my sleeping bag on the camping mattress which Ferdinand provided, I hypnotically gazed at the last light of the day:

Kehrsatz sunset

In the morning I took a photo of the building where I slept:

Kehrsatz Jakobsweg

It’s another lovely sunny morning and in a while I’m off out to continue along the path to Rueggisberg. The next place of interest listed on the map is then Fribourg.

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