The scheduled walk in the days to come

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As I lay here on the school floor in my sleeping bag, regaining my strength – schools here in Switzerland have a holiday this week – I thought I’d update on my walk ahead.

To begin, I am pleased with my decision to have taken the alternative Camino route from Brunnen: walking around Lake Lucerne/Luzern and not taking the ferry over the lake to Trieb. It’s true that the walk from Trieb would have been more beautiful as it passes through Interlaken and Thun, but I have visited both these places before. Instead, I have experienced a side of Switzerland which until now was unknown to me: central, rural Switzerland. The farming heartland of this beautiful country.

From Burgdorf the alternative route continues through Gumlingen, where it then continues and meets up again with the main Camino route at Rueggisberg. From there I will pass through Freiburg, Romont, Moudon, Lausanne, Rolle, Nyon and Coppet, to reach Genf/Geneva; from where I will then enter France:

Schweizer Jakobsweg Etappenubersicht

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