A forced day of rest in Burgdorf, Switzerland

The walking in Switzerland has become progressively more demanding as the path continues through Switzerland’s central region. Whereas in Bavaria there were short stretches of steep walking; in Switzerland the up and down walking is constant and gruelling on the legs and ankles.

Yesterday at around noon I began feeling nauseous as I walked up 200 metres and then down 200 metres (repeat) and in the glaring blue sky sun. I felt it more and more difficult to walk and eventually in the early evening I could hardly walk at all: the pain in my legs and ankles and the complete lack of energy was overwhelming.

“Only 1.5 more hours of walking to arrive to Burgdorf” I said to myself, as I hobbled on with my walking stick:

Walking to Burgdorf

When I arrived to Burgdorf I asked around for a monastery. No monastery. Then I followed word of mouth directions to the catholic church and there at the door of the priest’s house were Rosemary and Mark. I explained that I was in need of a spot to sleep for the night and they very kindly invited me to bed down in my sleeping bag on the floor of the adjoining school:

Sleeping in Burgdorf

They also very kindly invited me in for evening meal: the soup and local beer was delicious and my body thanked me for a switch from the bread and cheese diet which has become my daily mantra since arriving in Switzerland:


This morning I woke up with ankles tight and aching.
I had no energy to walk; physically and mentally.

Mark and Rosemary very nicely agreed that I can stay on for another day in the school classroom – at my request – so that I can gain rest and wake tomorrow morning feeling fresh and ready to continue the walk.

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  1. Hi Nev,

    I hope you recover rapidly!
    The meal you were offered looks delicious btw.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Marc!
      Thank you for commenting.
      Yes, the meal was awesome and very much welcomed.
      I am holed up today on the floor of the school – the kids are on holiday this week – and I’m focussing on restoring my strength for an early start to the day tomorrow.
      Wishing you a lovely day!
      Nev 🙂

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