The Huttwil circle

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It turns out there isn’t a monastery at Willisau, so I chose to walk on regardless and find a place to rest my head when I dropped. My evening walking took me to the village of Ufhusen, where I got the stamp in my Pilgrim Passport and in doing so completed one more page:

Ufhusen Pilgrim Stamp

As I walked out of the church, two women were walking into the entrance and I took the opportunity to let them know that I’d be sleeping on the floor outside of the church (but on the church grounds). They looked surprised, but I explained that I have a very warm sleeping bag and that the church grounds in the village would be a perfect place to sleep for the night. Then came along a third woman named Brigitte, who told me that she had a room I could sleep in for the night and off we went to her house. Brigitte is probably in her seventies and lives in a massive 3-level house. She was one of eight children and she was born in the house. Wonderful. We had a chat over tea and she explained to me how Swiss German is different from the German spoken in Germany (I asked her because I have found understanding any German here very difficult). Spoken Swiss German has different sounds and of course a strong dialect.
I slept like a baby and in the morning after breakfast I thanked Brigitte and went on my way with a pack lunch in my bag prepared by her. I walked into the pretty town of Huttwil at around 9:30am:

Huttwil Suisse Jakobsweg

Huttwil church has a beautiful sundial with the horoscope symbols added for effect:

Huttwil sundial

I had a brief morning siesta and then headed off in the direction of Burgdorf; it was then that I misread the Camino signs and entered what was to become the Huttwil circle. I ended up walking about 5km in the opposite direction of the Camino; meaning I needed to then walk back round to complete a 10km circle, before then meeting up with the path again and walking on. I did however though spend a lovely 15 minutes at this spot before finding out I was headed in the wrong direction:

Central Switzerland Camino de Santiago

Soon after Huttwil you walk into Bern Kanton/the county of Bern:

Bern Kanton

In the past few days the architecture has changed and this wonderful house is a great example of the architectural style in this region of Switzerland:

Central Switzerland architecture

Over the last few days I have also seen a lot of these sorts of pictures on display outside houses:

Swiss new child pictures

These are displayed when a new baby is born and usually remain on show outside the house for 6 months.

Yesterday evening Brigitte also explained to me that this region was once poor and that it was sheer hard work and determination which lifted itself out of relative poverty; making it a wealthy region today. It was and remains still a farming region and there is definitely truth in the following advertisement slogan:


The walk today has been difficult.
Up and down.
The weather is beautiful, but the sun has zapped my energy a few times during the afternoon.
The landscape though remains dreamy:

Walk to Burgdorf

I plan to arrive to the town of Burgdorf by this evening.

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