Luzern to Willisau: meadows of rolling hills in Switzerland’s central region

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On my Swiss Jakobsweg yesterday I walked into the city of Luzern in the late afternoon and made my way to the central church of Hofkirche St. Leodegar where I tried to locate a priest to see if there was a possibility of a place to crash for the night:

Hofkirche St. Leodegar in Lucerne

The priest was there but it was a “bad time” because he was just about to leave, so I thanked him for his time and got ready to head off further on my walk. He asked me to hang on a few minutes, went inside his house, came out and handed me 30 Swiss Francs. A lovely gesture; especially as I definitely didn’t ask for any money. I went to a supermarket and bought some lovely roast chicken, a new bottle of water, and a beer; which I had on one of the benches on the Luzern lake promenade:

Lake Lucerne promenade

I then headed off and walked over the famous wooden bridge in the centre of Luzern:

Lucerne wooden bridge

Heading in the direction of Kriens, I stopped in to a pizzeria to ask for directions (explaining in the process that I am a pilgrim on my way to Santiago) and the lovely owner from Pronto Pizza asked me if I wanted a pizza on the house. Sure, why not. Thank you so muchPronto Pizza Kriens 🙂

The pizza was great, but I was so tired after the day’s walk so I found the first place to crash and bedded down for the night:

Sleeping in Lucerne

I had a series of vivid dreams, which have consumed my thoughts all day today on my Camino.

The route from Luzern continues along the Camino trail and is very well signposted:

The route from Luzern continues along the Camino trail and is very well signposted.

Be warned that in these parts, electric fences are de rigueur:

Swiss electric fences

The path follows the direction of the river…

Kleine Emme

…before blending into gently rolling pastureland:

Lucerne hinterland

The monastery at Werthenstein is the first place of interest along the path from Luzern:

Werthenstein monastery

I took a look around and made my way to the kitchens where I took this photo of the oven:

Kloster Werthenstein

Along the path I saw a few of these public barbecue pit areas:

Swiss outdoor barbecue

For my siesta I stopped at the village of Geiss where I bought some cheese from the shop there. The cheese was produced in Geiss:

Cheese from Geiss, Switzerland

I’m currently newly arrived to the town of Willisau, where I have already been invited for food at an artists opening and where I now sit in a biker’s bar checking my emails and updating. I am tempted to go check out the monastery here this evening so I can grab a good night’s sleep. I’ll see how I feel when I leave here shortly:


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  1. Holla Mister Camino I was proud and made me also Happy to offer you a PiZZA PRONTO 🙂

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