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I think I found paradise.

Going back to yesterday…
… I made the late afternoon walk from Schweiz to Brunnen and came to Lake Lucerne (Lake Luzern).
If you are making this walk yourself then the Camino runs along the “Wanderweg” walking route, with additional signs along the way to let you know you are using the walking route:

Schweiz to Brunnen

At this point in the Camino I had the option of 2 directions.
The first is to cross over the lake by ferry and continue onwards from Treib on the other side of the lake; walking through Interlaken and Thun on the way.
The second is termed the alternative route and avoids using the ferry; instead taking a longer route which follows the walking route around Lake Lucerne, through the city of Lucerne (Luzern) and then onto Bern.

So, either the ferry over to the other side of the lake:

Brunnen ferry

or, walk around the lake:

Jakobsweg Lake Lucerne

My gut feeling was to walk around the lake and besides, on my Pilgrim Passport the city of Bern is listed prominently so this was the route choice I made and off I went round the lake.

At around 8pm I began looking for a place to stay.
I also needed water in my bottle so I stopped in at a hotel by the lake, refilled my bottle and was offered a night’s stay in the hotel bathroom which overlooked the lake at Gersau:

Garnau on Lake Lucerne

I was invited to make full use of the bathroom facilities – which I did – and as I prepared for sleep I had my clothes washed and put out to dry:

Jakobsweg Lake Lucerne

Before crashing out for the night I waited to see the sunset over the mountains:

Lake Lucerne sunset

In the morning I set off around 5am and gradually enjoyed the light and warmth of the sun coming back up:

Sunrise over Lake Lucerne

I then began my walk from Gersau, around the lake and into paradise:

Paradise on Lake Lucerne

More paradise on Lake Lucerne

Along the way I came upon an outdoor cafe and thought I’d pop in to refill my bottle with water.
I had a brief chat with the very friendly owner, explaining in the process that I am on the Camino to Santiago, and he invited me to sit with his friends around the corner for a spot of breakfast. I accepted and found myself sitting down to wonderful food and wonderful company at Haldi Hof:

Breakfast on the Swiss Jakobsweg

Haldi Hof

Among the friends, the lovely Anna.

While we ate and chatted the peacocks were being peacocks:


I said my goodbyes to Anna and the crew and when I was leaving the owner gave me a lovely goodbye gift of a bar of Lavender soap, which he makes himself on his farm:

Rigi Seifen

I am now sitting at an outdoor restaurant in Kussnacht – one with excellent taste – and preparing for my onward walk to Lucerne/Luzern:


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  1. Your winning smile is still working then! Beautiful scenery.

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