Tough going

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Day 2 on the Jakobsweg in Switzerland has been tough going, but also exactly what I would expect from Switzerland in terms of incredibly beautiful nature and extremely hospitable and friendly people along the way too. The day’s weather didn’t improve at all, but the good news is that from tomorrow the skies should clear again for sunny weather.

Today’s walk was basically one big lead-up to walking over a 1,000+ metre mountain.

At around noon I walked into the village of Fischingen and visited the church and monastery there. I got a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport and also had a chat with a woman inside the church who had walked the Camino before and who fancied a chat about it. The village of Fischingen from a distance:

Kloster Fischingen

From the monastery I followed the path as it began to climb steeper and higher into the mountains. It is no longer the Schwabenweg but now the Camino path runs in parallel to the Wanderweg:

Wanderweg in Switzerland Jakobsweg

The post photo shows a part of steepness of the climb. It was tough going: very tough climbing up, very tough once on the top and at the mercy of the cold and strong winds, and very tough on the descent. I was relieved when I finally walked into the village of Steg I’m Tosstal and then began walking on an even plain towards Wald. The view of the Alps here is breathtaking:

The Swiss Alps

Walking along the road (with my wet boots and generally feeling very cold) I spotted a tent in a garden and I rang the house to see if I could speak with the owners whether I could sleep in the tent this evening. Andy was there with his wife and 2 children and one thing led to another and I am SO thankful that it wasn’t possible to sleep in the tent (a sort of mini marquee) but that instead they offered me their spare apartment for the night and I have just warmed up with a hot bath. It was a tough day and today’s weather has been a reminder for me as to how unpredictable weather in the mountains can be. I am now looking forward to a deep sleep and an onward journey in the morning:

Swiss room with a view

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  1. You seem to knock on all the right doors!

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