Tough going but made it in one piece to Bodensee

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Yesterday I arrived to Weingarten at around 6pm.
In the Camino guide map which I got free from the semi-helpful Tourist Information office in Ulm, Weingarten looks like so:


In reality it looks more like:

Monastery church at Weingarten

The walk to Weingarten was pretty unimpressive and I was beginning to tire of the numerous industrial estates along the way. The rain came at around 7pm and I slept on a bench about a kilometre outside of Ravensburg, under a roof covering. Ravensburg is a beautiful town and the fact that I didn’t have to endure yet another industrial estate raised my spirits as I began the walk to Lake Bodensee.

Camino de Santiago cat

Along the way I formed a brief friendship with this adorable cat.

Orchards in Oberschwaben, southern Germany

In this part of Oberschwaben there are many orchards and the countryside is devoid of industrial estates and basically a pleasure to walk through. The rain also stopped and the sun was a welcomed sight.

Apple vending machine in Oberschwaben, southern Germany

Apple vending machines are the vogue in this region.


In the village of Markdorf I decided to get a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport

Doner Kepab

The bread and cheese diet was becoming slightly monotonous so I decided to opt for a Doner today.

Bodensee lake Constance

First view of the Bodensee (Constance) lake. Over the other side is Switzerland.

Lake Constance

Meersburg is a delightful village on Lake Bodensee (also known as Lake Constance). It’s from here either this evening or in the morning – depending on availability of ferries on a sunday – that I will reach the German town of Konstanz and then after about an hour’s walk enter Switzerland for the first time on this Camino.

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