From Buchdorf to Donauworth (towards the sunshine)

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All in all I walked almost 50km yesterday.
When I reached the western Bavarian (beautiful) farming village of Buchdorf in the early evening, I was ready to drop. I decided to sleep at the church but the church grounds were being locked up when I arrived and even if I had decided to bunk over the fencing there wasn’t really anywhere to sleep as surrounding the church was paving and tombstones. So, I decided to knock on the house of the priest to ask if I could crash out on his garden lawn in my sleeping bag. He wasn’t in but who was in was a Polish woman with her Mother and I was able to communicate with her with my knowledge of the Czech language. The priest arrived about half an hour later, saw my knackered bodily frame, heard my request of asking if I could sleep on his garden lawn, and he then invited me into his car and drove me to a local guesthouse where he told me the church would pay for my night’s stay with breakfast included.
I thanked him, went to my room to drop, and just before I dropped I managed to get through to my children on skype on the free wifi internet in the room. Wonderful. I then slept deeply while my electronics powered up and while my spare clothes dried on the radiator.

Gasthaus in Buchdorf Western Bavaria

In the morning I woke up and took a quick candid photo of the room. There is a wonderful sense of fulfilment when you have your electronics all powered up for the road ahead.

Bavarian horses

I proceeded to walk through and out of the beautiful farming village of Buchdorf, towards the town of Donauworth. The sun was coming up and I was walking down the road. A very positive morning.

Jakobus Pilgerweg

Camino signs were frequent along the path route to Donauworth.

Donauworth to Santiago

The way to Santiago

View of Donauworth

An interesting point worth noting is that on the Camino in Spain it seems that you pass every single damn village on the way to Santiago and one can’t help wonder if this is because of planned commercialism. On the German Camino on the other hand you often find yourself walking towards and then right past a village or town and without going through it at all. This time I was happy to discover that the path would lead me through the centre of the town of Donauworth and this is the first glimpse of the town from the Camino path.

Baroque Donauworth

Donauworth is uber gorgeously baroque. If in the area it is a must-see town to visit in western Bavaria.

Donauworth pilgrim stamp

I walked to the very friendly Tourist Information office and got the stamp in my Pilgrim Passport

Zucker Atelier in Donauworth

I fancied a slightly more sophisticated siesta today and on my way to a recommended local wine shop for part of my afternoon picnic purchase I past this seductively decorated shop.

Weinbar in Donauworth

The wine shop turned out to be a wonderful wine shop with an added on wine bar – resembling more like someone’s kitchen table. I bought a bottle of light white German wine for my picnic and sat down with the owner for a short time for a glass of wine and a chat about wine in general. I spoke about my first hand experience with wines from South Africa, California, Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Spain. The owner discussed German wines. The glass of wine was complimentary and I was also given a glimpse of the owner’s archive wines.

Barbaresco Classico 1941

One such bottle dating back to 1941. I don’t know so much about this type of Italian wine but the Pomerol 1981 she had would be perfect to open anytime now and for a couple of years onwards, before it reaches its peak and begins its inevitable route of decline. I left the shop wondering if that bottle of Bordeaux would ever see the light of day within its prime, or simply sit around for another 20, 30, or 40 years until eventually it is opened and tastes not dissimilar to expensive vinegar.

I’m shortly going to be leaving my current place of rest – the Subway “restaurant” in the Donauworth main town street. Free wifi internet is becoming more and more scarce and I was told by the helpful woman at the Tourist Information office that I might not even find any wifi internet in the town. I had read that under German law free wifi access is not encouraged and even here in Subway I had to submit my phone number to receive a code, which I then needed to enter into the system to receive 1 hour of free internet wifi.

So, I leave Donauworth shortly for my next walk to the German city of Ulm.
First though, to buy some bread and cheese for my afternoon picnic in the sun which I plan to enjoy on the bank of the river Danube.

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  1. What a great result. Sounds like a fabulous couple of days. Can’t imagine walking 50km, the longest day I managed on the Frances was 37km.

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