Not the Penthouse suite at the Hilton…

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…yesterday I began walking out of the Bavarian town of Eichstatt at around 5pm. It was an uphill walk which led me immediately to a beautiful little church on the hill, overlooking the town.

scallop shell holy water font

In the church there was a beautiful scallop shell holy water font.

Camino pilgrim with stamp statue close to the Bavarian town of Eichstatt

Outside the church stood this very impressive wood sculpture of what appears to be a pilgrim with a Pilgrim Passport stamp. It was a beautiful warm day yesterday; this did make walking that much more difficult because the sun tends to drain energy away on long distance walks.


On my way up to the church I spotted this incredible car.

My original plan was to stop somewhere either just before or just after the town of Eichstatt, but I found myself with excess energy and from the church on the hill overlooking the town I walked off into the early evening and then the early night. My head lamp came in super handy when the night came and I was able to follow all the Camino signs in the forest, until I lost my energy and decided it was time to kip down for the night.

The village of Bergen, close to Eichstatt

Not the Eichstatt Hilton.
I had a great sleep, except for dreams about trees falling over and then semi-waking thoughts about being stumbled upon by wild boar. The moss acted as a layer of insulation, but the morning was cold and remained cold until I had reached and left the village of Bergen.


I stopped in to buy lunch from a shop in the very friendly village of Rennertshofen and couldn’t help but take a quick photo 🙂

The walk from Eichstatt to where I am staying this evening (the village of Buchdorf, which is about 10km from Donauworth) has been largely up and down slightly annoyingly high – but not too high – grassy hills, and the remaining time through quite uninspiring woodland. Still, the overall scenery remains tranquil and when I reach Donauworth tomorrow I will be back by the river Danube again. Incidentally, between the town of Rennertshofen and the village of Buchdorf there is a monastery in the village of Schweinspoint where they let me shower up and any opportunity for a shower is a welcomed opportunity.

I’m absolutely exhausted today and will write more about the great positive event which happened this evening, tomorrow.

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  1. Scarey forest dreams. Lions & Tigers & Bears oh my! Love the Leibniz breakfast haha! Looking forward to more adventuring!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your positive event.

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