I got to sleep in a hunter’s hut overnight last night…

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Kloster Wellenberg women

…Yesterday morning at around 8:30am I reluctantly left the monastery at Weltenburg and made my way to the Danube to make the crossing back over. On my way I met a group of women presumably from the next village who work at the monastery. They agreed to a “natural” photo 🙂

Kloster Wellenberg ferry

I took the ferryboat back over to the other side of the Danube, from where I had crossed from the previous day. As was with the previous day also, I paid my coin for my passage.

Bavarian hops

The path left the route of the Danube and instead meandered inland, peppered occasionally with Bavarian hops fields.

Topographical porn

The walk was no less than Wizard-of-Ozesque as it meandered effortlessly over what can only be described as topographical porn.

Ratischer Limes

This area of Germany was once one of the furthermost frontiers of the Roman Empire; the many existing Roman fortress ruins demonstrate this.

Bread and water fasting

Yesterday morning I committed myself to the bread and water fasting diet, but by this afternoon I was “totally over” it. My rucksack weighs too much and I need fuel for the fire. After a day of eating just one loaf of bread I was whacked. From now on I will continue with my 5 Euro-a-day shopping list: I need the protein 🙂

Sundial at Bettbrunn

Sundial at Bettbrunn

2,600km to Santiago from Bettbrunn

Between Bettbrunn and Stammham there was a mini exhibition I guess, of Camino-related stuff. Here is one of them and I personally hate these signs with a vengeance because I don’t need to be reminded how far I have left on my journey! 🙂


Another element of the outside exhibition. I like the natural contrast of this photo. “Jakobsweg” btw is the German translation of “Way of St. James”.

Hunter hut Bavaria

I walked my way almost to the town of Stammham when it was getting cold and darker; I spotted this hunter’s hut and decided it was going to be my “penthouse suite” for the night. I climbed up, pushed my rucksack inside, and prepared my bedding for the night.

Santiago Penthouse Suite

Amazingly my roll mat and sleeping bag were almost exactly the same size as the length of the hunter’s seat. I closed all the windows, got into my sleeping bag, shouted out in my sleep (as is common for me) and then woke up at first light – first cold – and gradually unpacked and gave myself a big pat on the back for choosing such a dry, warm-ish and secure place to sleep for the night. At about an hour past first morning light I was back on the ground and back on the path to Santiago.

The road to Santiago (I'm currently in the square).

The road to Santiago (I’m currently in the square).

Hunter in Bavaria

In the morning I asked a hunter for directions and he kindly assisted. I asked him about my Wild Boar experience and he said that Wild Boar are only dangerous when they are either with their children or injured. I briefly told him my story of my Wild Boar experience and he said that I had met a female Wild Boar and that if she was with children or injured then she would have probably bit me. The bite from a Wild Boar is apparently very serious. Or, he continued, she might have simply been following me in the chance that I would have given her some food 🙂

Bavarian hunter's gun

I took a photo of the hunter’s gun.

Camino Santiago signs Bavaria

In this part of Bavaria the onward Camino signs are mirrored by the opposite direction Camino signs (The onward being the signs with the majority blue with yellow scallop shell lines). Extremely helpful because sometimes the onward path route isn’t so clear and you have the opposite route directions to refer to. The signage has been excellent.

Eichstatt to Donauworth

I walked into Eichstatt a few hour’s ago and got a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport. Eichstatt reminds me of Oxford in many ways. In a short while I will be hitting the trail again and heading towards Donauworth and then to the Swiss border (the Swiss border I hope to reach now within 2 weeks).

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  1. I glad to hear you are eating a more balanced diet. I was worried! It looks like ideal walking.

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