Regensburg to Kelheim

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Regensburg in Bavaria

I reached Regensburg yesterday morning at around 9am. Regensburg is a charmingly quant and cultured Bavarian city. It is located approx 125km north of Munich. The old town in Regensburg is particularly interesting and this photo shows a part of the cathedral and adjoining building

I love Regensburg

I love Regensburg too. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before.

Regensburg's old town quarter

One of the many beautiful buildings in Regensburg’s old town quarter.

Sant Peter Regensburg

Finally found the right office where to get a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport and this one was personally stamped by the Bishop of Regensburg. Saint Peter is the star of this stamp.

Bavarian lederhosen

Lederhosen are the new lederhosen here in Bavaria.

Saint Joseph

On a stained glass window in the centre of Regensburg, Saint Joseph is probably the most direct and no-nonsense saint.

The Danube river Regensburg

Since Regensburg the path has followed the route of the river Danube and it is truly blissful walking. I hope it continues. The weather is also beautiful with sunny blue skies glistening in reflection off the glimmering of the Danube.

Pilgrim avatar

I picked up a map from the Regensburg Info shop and this avatar is the symbol of the pilgrim. I like it and will make one, but with go-faster stripes behind it 🙂

Schnitzel heaven

I took a brief Time Out to walk from the Danube up to the village of Pentling. I wanted to get something to eat as there were no shops around so I stopped into a restaurant and almost doubled my daily 5 Euro meal budget by ordering the 8,90 Euro house schnitzel. It was humungous. Cooked in butter it was also VERY heavy and I walked on into the late evening at high speed just to get rid of the heavy feeling in my stomach.

Cardinal Ratzinger

Before leaving Pentling though I quickly visited Ratzinger’s old haunting ground at the Papstkirche in the same village (Pentling).

Bad Abbach

I crashed out for the night at the side of a building, just outside of Bad Abbach. Had a lovely sleep.

The Danube River

This morning I started off at first light-ish and continued to follow the route of the Danube river.


I arrived into the very beautiful (much smaller than Regensburg) town of Kelheim this morning and in about 20 minutes I’m going to continue on. My next stop is the monastery at Weltenburg.

Going Baroque in Kelheim.

Going Baroque in Kelheim.

It’s almost March 30th when the clocks will change and when the evenings will afford much more light and so afford longer walking days. With the currently flat landscape I’m totalling an average of 40km per day, but I’d like to up that to 50 per day if I can. If the weather where you are today is a nice as it is here then there’s no need to wish you a lovely day, because the weather will do that automatically for you. Ultreia! Nev 🙂

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