From the mountains to the Danube

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Yesterday was a beautiful walk.
Sloping, curving, foot and soul-caressing roads and paths taking me softly down through pine woodland and freshly ploughed brown-earth fields to the flatlands of the Danube (Donau) river:

The Danube river close to Regensburg

On the way I passed through some lovely villages, and thought I’d take a pic of some of the building art which adorns lots of houses here in this region:

Bavarian house art

Bavarian painting on house

Easter egg decorations in Bavaria

The smell and sight of spring in the air was complemented by Easter decorations in all the villages I walked through.

Solar power in Germany

A solar-powered barn. Very German 🙂

Wild boar in Bavaria

I came face to face with a wild boar. I managed to take a short video of this meeting and will upload it later.

Danube river boat

First sight of the Danube river as I walked onto level ground for the first time in days.

I walked towards the river and stumbled across along the path the Walhalla building, just before reaching the small town of Donaustauf:


It seemed the perfect spot to lay down my sleeping bag for the night…

Walhalla building in Bavaria

… but a lot of other Bohemian types were hanging out, drinking wine and doing other things so unfortunately I decided it wouldn’t be the best place to kip down for the night. I’m not against Bohemian types, neither hanging around, but with my computer and passport, etc. in my rucksack I can’t afford to take any chances of someone taking it from me while I sleep


So instad I walked on a bit further and slept next to a church building in the centre of Donaustauf. It was only when I woke up at the crack of dawn that I looked into through the window in the building next to where I was sleeping and there were 3 coffins just sitting there. I am going to see if I can get a cheap lightweight tent today.

About an hour ago I walked into the Bavarian city of Regensburg and I will stay here for most of the day, before heading off in the direction of Ulm. I’m also going to upload the video of the wild boar a little later today.

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