up up up, down down down, up up up up, down down down down, up up up up up…

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… my walking experience of the past 2 days.
I didn’t realise it would be so mountainous and I didn’t realise I would be walking so much over mountains. It has been effing tough going but the Bavarian landscape, people and food has more than made up for the psychological and physical near-torture of climbing to reach peaks and plateaus only to then walk downwards to begin the process over again.

The post photo btw is me in the bath yesterday evening, together with my trousers, socks, t-shirt, boots.

Forgetting walking stick

After leaving Moosbach yesterday morning I updated my website, spent a while on other business, and then walked off completely forgetting my walking stick. The very helpful woman who runs the cafe met me with my stick in hand as I hurried back to retrieve it after walking for 5 minutes and thinking that there was definitely something I was missing.

Jesus goes bungee jumping

Bungee jump Jesus

Path signs in the Bavarian forest

Path signs in the Bavarian forest

Bavarian insect hotel

An “Insecten Hotel”. I couldn’t actually see any when I walked past it yesterday morning, but I guess it must be Low Season currently.

Biodegradable products in Bavaria

I think this is a very effective deterrent to people throwing trash in the countryside. For example, throw your glass in a bush and after a million years it will be just about biodegraded.


My first Edeka supermarket on my Camino. German Edeka supermarkets rock.

Buying food on the Camino de Santiago

I have a rule for myself: each day I can spend a maximum of 5 Euro only on food. This is what I bought yesterday…

Camino Santiago salad

… and this is the salad I whipped up on a grassy knoll while my fingers grew numb in the cold.

A typical Bavarian house.

A typical Bavarian house.

Friendly Bavarian horses

Friendly Bavarian horses

Bavarian steep forest

Much of the walking yesterday was through steep forest.

Bavarian mountain scenes

A typical scene: walking over the top of a mountain, seeing the valley below and seeing the next mountain to climb over in the distance.


One of the mountain peaks is Pilgramsburg. I was looking forward to reaching it. When I got there a funeral was getting finished and mourners were leaving. They were a little surprised to meet an Englishman in his t-shirt and smelling slightly of manure. I took this photo of the church at Pilgramsburg. RIP whoever it was who was buried there yesterday.

At around 6pm yesterday I walked into the small Bavarian town of Wiesenfelden. It had been a long day with a total number km walked probably at 45. It was also getting very cold and I had had some snow fall on the way from Pilgrimsburg. I also smelled of manure still from my accidentally walking through a manure field yesterday. So, I went to the nearest gasthouse and booked a room for the night. Amazingly, I was only charged 20 Euro including breakfast. I had a bath with all my dirty clothes and boots and then dried them out over night.

bath in Bavaria

Ah, bath!

Bavarian bedroom

My bedroom with 3 beds

Gasthof zur Post Wiesenfelden

This morning the weather has completely changed: it’s lovely and sunny. I took this photo this morning of the guest house where I stayed last night.

Christian Gros Schiederhof

About an hour ago I stopped into the Schiederhof Gasthof (Guest House) to check my emails and add this website post. The owner has been awesome: he gave me a free coffee, a free homemade apple cake, AND made a sandwich for me wrapped in foil for the journey.

In a while I’m continuing on my way. I hope to be in Regensburg by the morning.

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