Hello Germany! / Hallo Deutschland!

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I woke up and took a selfie, before heading out into the rainy morning.


Still cold as I approached the German border.

Bozeny Nemcove

Bozena Nemcova memorial at Vseruby

Welcome to Deutschland.

Around midday I crossed the Czech border and entered Germany.

2,825km to Santiago de Compostela

2,825km to Santiago!

St. Jakob's church Eschlkam

A lovely stroll in pouring rain ensued to the Bavarian town Eschlkam, where I (very) briefly enjoyed a short mass at Saint Jacob’s church.

Pilgrim statue at Eschlkam.

Pilgrim statue at Eschlkam, with scallop shell.

Eschlkam Easter celebrations.

Easter egg “fountain” Eschlkam.

Eschlkam Easter egg tree.

Easter egg tree in Eschlkam.

German fountain

German fuente

German scallop shell Camino signs

The familiar Camino scallop shell signs, sign the way extremely well here in this part of Germany. Very impressed with the signage so far.

Germany is more expensive than the Czech Republic

In Eschlkam I decided to stop in for a soup and was SO pleasantly surprised to see a sign specifically welcoming Camino pilgrims. My soup was the standard German price; meaning 3 times what it would be in the Czech Republic. Got to begin budgeting.

Pilgrim menu

The pilgrim menu on offer.

Pilgrim soup

My pilgrim soup was awesome, albeit expensive.

When I walked into the restaurant there was a group session taking place. It happened that it was a group of future pilgrims attending an afternoon Camino presentation: they got to learn about the Camino de Santiago through a photo slideshow and guest speakers. They plan to walk the last 100km in the summer from Sarria to Santiago. I had a chat with the few of them who spoke English, and who had questions regarding the walk. One of the pilgrims btw let me know that the church at Muxia burned down last December.

Camino de Santiago pilgrim

I met another pilgrim!!!
Michael (a Cardiologist) is walking from the Czech border to Regensburg. Lovely guy and great to meet another pilgrim. A very positive day

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  1. Hello Camino Pilgrim Nev!!
    My name is Debra, and I am writing this morning from Atlanta, Ga. Wonderful photos from your camion this summer! Congratulations. We have just returned from the Lisbon to Santiago path two weeks ago. Hot, and good! I came across your blog as I have been searching for english language books, websites, maps or anything else that can help us with the Nurnburg to Konstanz camino path. Did you do this part at all? We are interested in doing it next July. Any guidance or insight you can offer would be very much appreciated!
    With warm regards,
    Debra Kocher, Atlanta, GA

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