A quick post about my Camino walking stick

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Top of my Camino walking stick

I bought my walking stick at the night market in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. It’s made of bamboo and ornamented with ink patterns.

Walking stick for the Camino de Santiago

Because its made of bamboo it is exceptionally strong, and also light. An additional plus is that the wood doesn’t slip in your hand. Plus, it looks a little mystical. Should I ever run into problems on my trip then it would serve as an excellent weapon. I’m very happy with it and the good news is that I’ve only almost left it behind by accident twice so far on my current Camino (its surprisingly easy to forget a stick by leaving it in the place you just set off from, because having a stick isn’t usual practice).

Bottom of walking stick.

After I bought the stick I went to a metal shop in Chiang Mai and had the bottom of the stick fastened together with a piece of metal. This prevents the stick from wearing down along the Camino and adds resilience to stick sliding.

Its now 6:00am and I’m going to make a green tea, catch a bit of yoga, and then head off; walking over the border into Germany and beyond.

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