The Good Soldier Svejk

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(writing this post at the Good Soldier Svejk restaurant in Nepomuk)

Today has been wet, wet, wet. Oh, and wet.

Last night I planted my tent in the middle of a field. About 10 minutes after having done so the heavy rain and strong winds came. Being in the middle of a field, with no protection or barriers, the wind dealt heavy blow after heavy blow to my tent and when I woke up (4am) I found myself with half the tent space due to the wind blowing half my tent towards the other front half. I have learned my lesson and tonight I am going to find a patch of forest and camp down between the pine trees; may the wild deer and wild boar take pity on my plight and allow me at least my first really good night’s sleep since starting out on my Camino.

Tremsin, near Rozmital Czech Republic

Yesterday I left Rozmital and walked amazingly fast up to the highest point in the local area (Tremsin). The Vanilla pudding which I had in the Romance kavarna in Rozmital acted like a sweet steroid.

Czech tractor

On my way up to the mountain top I passed this lovely tractor, with its chicken friends.

Tremsin winter hut

At Tremsin there was a little chapel/hut for travellers who would like (free) shelter for the night.

Religious eroticism

Inside the hut, erotic religious art work.

Winter walkers hut

Also, a wood stove with firewood. I arrived at around 4pm and felt it was (regrettably) too early for me to stay, so I walked on to within 6km of Kasejovice.

Trensim woodland

The view from the top of Trensim was spectacular and ignited my interest further for the walk to come; through pristine woodland.

Czech Republic forest

Walking through pristine forest on the blue path towards Kasejovice.

Czech farmhouse cottage

This morning’s walk to Nepomuk was dotted with quant farmhouse cottage villages.

Nepomuk ottars

Otters roaming freely in a village close to Nepomuk.

Good Soldier Svejk in Nepomuk.

I came, I saw a little, I left. I walked 5km in the wrong direction. Walked the 5km back. Decided a soup and tea in The Good Soldier Svejk restaurant would be a good morale booster.

Nepomuk Camino pilgrim stamp.

Nepomuk stamp in my Pilgrim Passport.

Blue path route in the Czech Republic

The path to Klatovy changes from green to blue. CORRECTION: the path to (from Kasejovice) and from Nepomuk is the red path. I joined the (incorrect) green path and followed it onto the (even more incorrect) blue path and then had to double back to rejoin the red path on the next stage of the walk to Planice

The rain has stopped. I will head off soon and begin my walk to Klatovy.


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