Pribram – Dvorak – Rozmital (a.k.a. I’d rather be a forest than a street…)

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Yesterday I semi-enjoyed an extended siesta in Pribram, which turned into a semi-enjoyable fiesta. I wasn’t completely struck with Pribram’s architecture, but the warmth of the people living there was truly uplifting. It was dark when I set up my tent on the outskirts of town (Pribram) and I hoped that I had set it up in an inconspicuous place. Judging by the fact that I was woken by 3 policemen in the morning, politely but firmly asking me to vacate the area means that my killer tenting instinct was a bit off last night. I had in fact parked my tent by a busy crossroads, with a TESCO superstore within yards walk.

Czech Republic blue walking sign

I set off and followed the blue path signs, the route was also generously peppered with the yellow scallop shell signs of the Camino. Signage from Pribram was excellent.


For approx 15km I walked through beautiful forest and I felt so energised from it, compared to yesterday’s walk which consisted mostly of road walking.


They really go out of their way in this region to make sure that you don’t lose your way.

Antonin Dvorak

A lovely surprise to find a national treasure close by at Vysoká near Příbram.

Antonin Dvorak's Muzeum Pribram

Antonin Dvorak’s former country residence suddenly appeared through the trees.

Dvorak Novy Svet

Dvorak is perhaps the most famous of Czech composers of classical music. I thought of my brother as I sauntered through the grounds, thinking that he would probably have spent the entire day here whilst I was barely able to contain myself for more than 15 minutes.

Camino signs at Dvorak museum

Camino signs made in the new world, signing routes from the old world (Dvorak fans will appreciate the pun).

Pilgrim stamp at Rozmital

I walked into Rozmital about an hour ago and got an awesome stamp in my Pilgrim Passport at the local info centre.

Santiago De Compostela 2,825km

The very helpful man at the info office gave me a map with the routes to follow until the German border and on the front was this slightly worrying photo. Was it 2,825km from Prague? Or from here? The man didn’t know. Answers on a postcard please. Thank you.

Virgin Mary and child fresco at Rozmital, Czech Republic


Church at Rozmital

The church at Rozmital sits prominently in the very quant and very friendly little town of Rozmital.

Rozmital church metallic scallop shell

Above the church door is a metallic scallop shell.

Svatojakubska cesta

I’m resting for a while in the “Romance” kavarna in Rozmital. They have black tea and milk here so I might be some time. Before 3pm I am going to set off again and after a climb to 827m where there is the Tremsin (Rozmital pod Tremisinem) I’ll walk into Kasejovice and then onwards to Nepomuk. The countryside is now spectacular and the route signs are excellent. I’m looking forward to camping out tonight in the woods, falling asleep to the sounds of forest animals and the fresh scent of pine. Not a TESCO or busy roundabout within miles 🙂

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  1. I don’t see any signs of spring there yet.

    • I definitely agree. Walking into spring though is also a metaphor for the transition in mood I hope to make. Walking from a not very great situation, into hopefully a much brighter situation. Today though has been damn hard to keep upbeat due to the incessant rain and wind! 🙂

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