Siesta in Pribram

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Tenting on the Camino Santiago

It seems a 6:30-ish start to the day is going to be the standard. My tent is heavy but boy does it serve a purpose.

Camino Santiago forest walk

A beautiful and energising walk through forest ensued.

Camino Santiago trail markings in Pribram

I made it into Pribram, where I was surprised to again see the Camino signs which had remained elusive these past few days, expect for the times when they were clearly on show in the villages of Praha Zbraslav, Vonoklasy, and Karlstejn (!!!)

The information centre in Pribram

I headed to the information centre in Pribram to see if I could get a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport, and to see whether they had a map of the next walking routes along my projected path.

Pribram Pilgrim Stamp

My Pribram stamp in my Pilgrim Passport, sitting nicely alongside my Karlstejn and Prague stamp.

St.Jakub's church at Pribram (Church of St. James)

St.Jakub’s church at Pribram (Church of St. James)

Svaty Jakub (St. James)

Svaty Jakub (St. James)

Deers head in Pribram restaurant

I decided to spend my Pribram siesta in what seemed to be the safest bet in an apparently otherwise poor choice of eateries. A deer’s head looks over my table.

Deer Gulash in Probram

I had to order the Deer Gulash and for the equivalent of 2.5 Euro it was well worth the investment.

Prague to Santiago

Food for thought: I had better get my clogs on because I’ve got a long way to go…

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