A wet and (very) windy day (!!!)

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Pilgrim camping on Czech pasture

Yesterday evening I walked a further couple of kilometres from Vonoklasy and set up my tent on a patch of pasture. The head lamp I bought really came in handy.

Camino full moon

There was a full moon creeping around in the sky and I felt a sense of inadvertent planned intention at the sight of it. I fell asleep and as the cliche goes, like a baby.

Drinking coffee on the Camino Santiago

I woke up just after first light at 6:20am. After spending about 10 minutes warming up I got to work on the most important first step of the day: making my Italian morning coffee. It was around this time when I discovered that bringing a cup with me would have been a grand idea.

Karlstejn Pilgrim Stamp

I made it to Karlstejn castle for around 8:30 and waited around until 9am to get the coveted Karlstejn stamp in my Pilgrim Passport.

Karlstejn Pilgrim stamp

The Karlstejn stamp.

I then walked for the remainder of the day – in rain and very strong facing winds – through a pretty non-descript landscape to Dobris, where I now sit with aching shoulders with a coffee and water and desperately trying to keep my eyes open long enough not to fall asleep. A tough day. Going to walk out of Dobsis shortly to find a patch of grass where I will set up my tent and fall instantly into a deep sleep.

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