My Camino has begun!

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(Photos below – click on the photos to enlarge. The post photo btw is the church building complex at Praha Zbraslav)

Despite having a 14 hour sleep and waking up with renewed optimism, I feel incredibly tired today.
That said, I had originally only intended to make it today to my Camino starting point at Praha Zbraslav – where I assumed I would pitch tent in a secluded spot – but I now find myself 12km on the Camino path from Zbraslav and in the quant village of Vonoklasy; approx 8km from Karlstejn.

My updated plan for the rest of the day is to spend about another hour in the smoke-filled pub I currently occupy a seat in and where it seems there is a men-only entrance etiquette, drink a couple of *Kozels, eat a *Nakladany Hermelin (I hope the Nakladany Hermelin will be good), take occasional drags from my electronic cigarette, and then walk a few kilometres to where I’ll find a patch of land to set up my tent for the night and hopefully grab a good night’s sleep.

The plan for tomorrow is to wake up early, walk into Karlstejn to ask for a stamp in my Pilgrim Passport, and to then continue on my Camino path in the direction of the German border.

* Kozel is a brand of beer in the Czech Republic and the word Kozel translates as “Goat”.
* Nakladany Hermelin is a soft cheese which has been pickled together with herbs and spices. The longer the pickling process the better the end result. My Nakladany Hermelin this time was a 4 out of 10 (optimistically better than a 1,2, or 3 out of 10).

Camino Santiago rucksack, tent, and walking stick

I bought a new rucksack and a tent. The general rule is to pack half of what you originally planned to take with you, but by the weight of my rucksack I seem to have packed double that. I also have a new walking stick! Complements of the Chiang Mai (North Thailand) Sunday market.

Wood carved scallop shell on one of the church buildings at Praha Zbraslav.

A wood carved scallop shell adorns a church building door at Praha Zbraslav. The scallop shell is a symbol of the Camino de Santiago.

Yellow scallop shell signage in Praha Zbraslav.

The familiar yellow scallop shell markings of the Camino de Santiago, reassuringly pointing the direction to walk to Santiago from the far-flung village of Praha Zbraslav.

Neville David Thomas

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  1. Excellent progress so far then, just watch out for the blisters!!

  2. Buen Camera, looking forward to follow your adventure.

  3. Hi Nev, I’ve lived in Zbraslav for years, reckon I’m pretty interested in my surroundings but have never seen the scallop shell and wouldn’t have known its significance, thanks. Good luck -pity it started to rain on you after the amazing weather we’ve had, but we really need it and ta příroda will look increasingly green and beautiful

  4. Day 1 down – how many to go? How many km’s in total to Santiago? Smoke filled pubs are a thing of the past in the uk and Spain, thankfully!

  5. Buen Camino. At last youre on your way. Itl be interresting to follow your journey. /sten

  6. We were on Polish Camino. KURT HAS walked to Santiago from Medyka on polish-ukrainian border.His idea was to walk along ancient Via Regia Road.
    HE IS BACK IN California.

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